Roll of Honour of Tredegar Officers, N.C.O.s and men who lost their lives in the Great War

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  • My Great Grandad, Sidney Herbert Matthews
    born 3 April 1885, Foxham Lock Cottages Bremhill Calne Wilts.
    Died 9 May 1915 Aged 35/36, Killed in Action
    France Flanders. Buried Bethune Town Cemetery 29k North Arras. Plot 3 Row C, Grave 16
    Private Number 14073
    Regiment South Wales Borderers
    Battalion 1st Battalion
    Enlisted Newport, Mon Sept 1914
    Occupation Coal Miner When Married.
    He lived at 26 Upper Coronation Street Tredegar.
    His name is on the war memorial, only they have is name with one “T” and not two.

    His son Sidney Herbert Stanley Matthews
    born 11 May 1911, 26 Upper Coronation Street.Tredegar

    Died Queen Alexandra Hospital. Portsmouth 18 March 1941 Aged 29. WW2. RAOC 7656610
    Buried Grantham Crematory.

    We will remember them.

    By Cheryl Miller (13/04/2018)
  • Hello Emyr,
    many thanks for you response, since making the post I have made contact with Alan James who is part of a group of men researching the 1st World War in Tredegar.
    I have sent him lots of photo’s of Ivor and his family, copies of correspondence that Lance Corporal Morgan sent home to his Sister and family from France and his training camp near Shrewsbury. I have sent him a scan of his ‘death plaque’, photo’s of his grave in its various stages from the wooden cross, the early dos of setting up Bard Cottage Graveyard, to one I took when I visited his grave in 2007. I also sent a copy of the letter sent to his Mother from his PADRE two days after Ivor’s death.
    As there are so many names missing I wonder if it would it be possible to have an additional Roll compiled to recognise those missed off the ‘original’ roll? Something the Council should consider methinks, I wonder if they ave been approached about it? There seems to have been a lot of excellent research done over the past couple of years by various groups / people, there appears to be a lot of information available. If there is anything else I can help with please let me know.

    By Gareth Jones (24/03/2016)
  • Hello Gareth,

    I thought Ivor Morgan sounded familiar – Alan is a member of our group and he has mentioned the artefacts which you’ve just mentioned. You’re in Northern Ireland aren’t you? Thanks very much for sending the information to Alan. Funding for our project ceases at the end of June but a few stalwarts will probably go on regardless, Alan included. I’ve tried to persuade him to get involved with our website but I think he’s a little intimidated by it, which is a pity as I’m sure that he would get the hang of things very quickly. Our group now consists of 2 men (including myself) and 2 women and there’s so much left to do. Would you have any objection if we uploaded Ivor’s information on our website? I feel that many visitors to the site would be interested in seeing it.

    Turning next to missing names: Tredegar Town Council look after the civic memorial in Bedwellty Park. Maybe they could be persuaded to add extra names (if this was the memorial you were referring to in your last comment) but there would be financial implications to any such decision. In addition to ‘missing’ names, we have found a number of errors and duplicates in the ‘original’ list of names completed in 2000 for the town memorial. Hopefully in the future there might be an opportunity to undertake a comprehensive revision of all the names on the civic memorial but that is out of the scope of our project and we have got our work cut out just completing our existing brief. In the meantime, we will continue the research on the WW1 boys until it’s completed and that body of information will be there ready to hand when the right time comes.

    When you are next down here, please come and visit us in Tredegar Library – you’ll be offered a hot drink and we might even share our biscuits with you too! Take care, Emyr

    By Emyr (24/03/2016)
  • I was just browsing through the Roll of Honour and am unable to see my Great Uncle L Corporal Ivor Morgan, killed in action Ypres 4th July 1917 listed, do you know if is this unusual or is it a regular occurrence that someone is missed off the Roll? Maybe it only refers to individuals that were born in Tredegar, although he lived the vast majority of his life and worked in the town as a postal worker.

    By Titch (13/03/2016)
  • Thanks for your comment. This roll of honour is known to be incomplete. It appears to have been begun at an early stage in the war and then filled up the remaining space before the war ended. Or research team estimates that there may be around 450 individuals born or who lived in Tredegar or enlisted here who warrant recognition. Currently there are 408 or so names on the town cenotaph, which was compiled around the year 2000. It’s practically the ‘norm’ to find individuals ‘missing’ from lists such as rolls of honour and memorial plaques. The problem lies in the informality by which lists were created – there were no set rules and the compilers of lists relied upon information received from soldier’s friends and relatives notwithstanding the potential for human error and transcription mistakes. Do you have any personal information, artefacts or photos of Corporal Ivor Morgan?

    By Emyr (24/03/2016)

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